Achieving Goals


1. To develop understanding of goals and how to apply to work and personal life.
2. To instil awareness how attitudes affect work performances.

Expecting outcomes:
For participants to

- Develop personal and work goals.

- Understand how to set personal and life goals.

- Understand attitude can be changed.

- Create positive work attitudes.

- Maximize ability to achieve goals.

Intended Participants:

Company employees at all level

Program approach:

A work shop based training with 60% lecture and 40% practices on key skills.

Program duration: One day

Instruction language: Thai or English



Program Details



1. How to be successful

  • Wiil  & skills
  • Goals why and what to consider
  • S.M.A.R.T goal

Exercise: Create personal and work goals

30 minutes




-individual exercise

2. How to achieve goals

  • Strategy
  • In work
  • Personal

30  minutes

3. What make us missing our goals?

  • Perception

Exercise: Why people see differently

  • Understand how attitudes works

Exercise: Thumbs

  • Changing attitudes
  • What to do when missed out goals

60 minutes


-In class and small group exercise
-individual exercise

4. Characteristic of positive attitude people

15  minutes

5. Benefits of having good attitudes
Exercise: Check your work attitudes

  • Attitudes and personality traits

30 minutes


-individual work and class discussion

6. How to change attitudes, behaviours, feeling

  •      7 steps approach

15 minutes

7. Achieving set goals

  • Goals Vs. Wish, Dream
  • Benefits of achieving goals: personal and work
  • Managing plan

15 minutes

8. How to achieve goals better

  • Communication

Exercise: Power of concentration

  • Motivation and how it works

Exercise: Motivations/Demotivations

60 minutes



-in class exercise

-small group discussion

9. Concluded
Each participants to list 3 immediate action plan (now) and 3 long term action plan (one year).


-individual work



4.50 hours


Trainer: Montip Nagsevi

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