Nuchnapa Warunwutthi

Nuchnapa_2Nuchnapa Warunwutthi or May is a professional marketing communicator. She has been working in the marketing communication field for nearly 15 years. Her experience ranges from online marketing & communication consultant for MWEB in MIH group, mobile marketing communications, marketing communication consultant, Sr. marketing communication for OgilvyOne managing Nestle’s below the line communications and currently working as retail marketing communication consultant for VGI the leading lifestyle media company in Thailand.

Presentation capability is an essential part of her marketing communication consultant work. Moreover, as a consultant she provides training for clients on different marketing & communication concepts. May has been training sales & marketing team for media agencies in the past 5 years. She has the ability to turn complicated information such as research data into common ideas that trainees can follow and apply in their works.

In recent years, May has realized her interest in coaching & training and joined Communisponds as a faculty. Her work experience has contributed much to the training whether it be communications, sales, marketing, research, linguistic and cross cultural knowledge.

Her linguistic & cross cultural knowledge comes from her own experience having to study in the US since high school and back to Thailand after finishing her master and also working for and with international companies. This provide a great deal of understanding people with difference backgrounds and difficulty of learning new concepts.

Right now in addition to her consulting work and training, May is working on her small workshop to develop a better way of communications between parents & children based on, a child psychologist, Dr. Haim Ginott’s communication techniques. The project was inspired by her son.