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Brand Perception

» Brand Positioning Map Study (BPM)

The BPM helps your company to understand how your brand and competitor brands are positioning in the minds of consumers. This information will allow you to identify ways to reinforce or change your brand image and messages relative to the competition.

A graphic technique is used to visually display “Customers’ perceptions” and “Customers’ ideal demand points” of your brand, product, or company relative to your competition in the market or a category.

A Brand Positioning Map study will give you the following information:

  1. Market Structure
  2. Positioning of Brand/Product Portfolio
  3. Strengths & Weaknesses
  4. Brand Competitiveness
  5. Barriers & Opportunities
  6. Threats & Risks
  7. Pricing of Products
  8. Company Strategies

BMP’s are relevant for clients operating in any business or industry.

» Perceptual Space Management (PSM) ™ 

PSM™ focuses on the principle that the shelves and merchandising in a retail store should be built according to consumers’ mental expectations of how they will shop in the category and select their brand choice. It works on the basis that

Instead of using brand share as the starting point of Shelf Space Management (which is using an outcome to determine shelf space), PSM™ shifts the starting point to the brand decision maker, the consumer.

This becomes especially relevant for the introduction and placement of new products or segments. It does not substitute, but rather complements your conventional, software-driven Shelf Space Management approach.

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Brand Engagement 

» Point-of-Purchase Engagement Study (POP)

The POP Engagement Study™ measures the effectiveness of POP communication in shaping consumers’ brand attitude and behaviour to drive sales.

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Bodhi Tree has developed the Sense Model to understand the influence of in-store communication on consumer interaction with products on the shelf.

The study provides solutions to marketers on how to influence consumers in their in-store decision-making processes.



Our Retail Media division shapes the in-store media scene by creating and providing media that:

  • Influences point of purchase decisions
  • Is relevant to shopper mindset and behaviour in different zones of the store
  • Transforms perception to reality
  • Reinforces retailers’ positioning and the store environment
  • Is measurable

Our Integrated Media Management approach offered in partnership with established media companies incorporates the following elements:

  1. Store Zones
  2. Holistic Engagement of Shoppers’ Five Senses
  3. Retailers’ Positioning
  4. Brand Objectives
  5. New Media Ideas

Therefore media buying for media planners and marketers no longer becomes a tactical, one-off and one-vehicle approach, but rather an integrated approach that aims at attraction and conversion of consumers.

Continuous media measurement by shopper profiles and store zones will provide retailers and marketers with a powerful lever for decisions on media effectiveness.

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With our approach Media buying is no longer a tactical, one-off and one-vehicle approach, but rather an integrated approach to incorporate brand objectives to shoppers’ journey’s that helps to turn shoppers’ into consumers.

Continuous media measurement by shopper profiles and store zones, e.g. average footfall per lane, average time spent per lane will provide retailers and marketers with a powerful lever for decisions on media effectiveness.


Brand Optimization

» Store Mix Optimisation (SMO) ™

70% of consumers’ purchase decisions are made in-store. Each store has up over 1000 promotional activities running at a single period… Do you know…?

  • When your store brand share increases, which activity is driving the sales increase?
  • Is the category driven by Gondola-end display or in-store advertising?
  • Does 1 Dollar discount work better than premiums for your shoppers?
  • When a brand has 1 more product facing, what difference would that make to the sales?

We believe the question is overdue and it is time to answer these questions for you and have developed the SMO™ that allows manufacturers and retailers to streamline its in-store communication mix for an increased ROI.

Bodhi Tree is the first company to provide an ongoing analysis that measures the effectiveness of in-store activities (e.g. promotions, in-store advertising, shelf-facing, promotion displays etc.) and its contribution to brand share.

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SMO™ Benefits for Manufacturers:

  • Audit your in-store competitiveness compared to the competition
  • Identify your in-store activities influence on brand share
  • Improve your understanding of the brands’ store issues and channel activities effectively at store-level

SMO™ Benefits for Retailers:

  • Identify in-store activities and how they drive your category revenue
  • Support marketing and buying department in space and promotion planning
  • Support manufacturers in defining an effective in-store communication mix for a Win-Win-Win partnership between retailer, manufacturer and consumer

The service comes in form of regular Reporting:

  1. Bi-monthly Web-based Trending Report
  2. Quarterly Optimization Analysis Report

Overall the deliverables are as follows:

  1. Measurement

    Measure the performance and delivery of each activity

  2. Competitiveness

    How does Brand X perform on the in-store activities vis avis other brands?

  3. Share Decomposition

    How does each in-store activity contribute to market Share?

  4. Potential

    Potential new share gain from each activity?

  5. Simulation

    What If? E.g. What is the increase in volume share ifBrand X increases in-store advertising by X Dollars?

» Brand Mix Optimization™ Study

The Brand Mix Optimization™ Study measures your above-the-line brand activities’ performance and the activities’ contribution to brand share.

Brand performance indicators like Brand Image Quality, Advertising Spend, Brand Awareness, Brand Distribution etc. are measured and analyzed, taking the competition into consideration. With the simulation capabilities of the Lighthouse™ and our marketing consulting expertise, we enable marketers to streamline their above-the-line activities for an increased Return on Investment (ROI).

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Brand Experience

» Secret Shopper Program (SSP)

The Secret Shopping Program (SSP) evaluates anonymously customer service, operations, employee integrity, merchandising, and product quality for strategic business intelligence purpose. This evaluation is done by professionally trained and experienced evaluators that have received tailored training prior to each brand evaluation. SSP has proven itself as a more effective and more detailed tool as compared to the more conventional methods which typically use recruited shoppers.

Your PEOPLE in your organization are the most important differentiator in making your brand come alive and let consumers connect with your brand while the other 4P’s in your marketing mix are easily copied by competitors.

The SSP is designed to evaluate your people in order to improve their skills to enhance customer relationships and generate long-term growth for your company.

The Program is beneficial to all clients with physical outlets where is an ongoing traffic flow and interactions between consumers and staff like car dealers, restaurants, hospitals, banks, telecommunication shops and others.

SSP could be a great start and end point for any Service Excellence initiative your company may embark upon. Please refer to our Partner Page for more details.