Our Models & Tools

Bodhi Tree works with proprietary models and approaches that have been developed over time as an outcome of research studies and the consolidation of marketing, branding and retail expertise and experiences.

Our knowledge creation, application and measurement processes are built on four fundamental models:

  1. FootPrint™ - Through research, we confirmed that each retail store, no matter the size, has 5 Store Zones: Orientation Lane, Browsing Lane, Discovery Lane, Hunter Lane and Fast Lane. This has an impact on in-store communication and product placement decisions. 

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  2. Sense Model™ – This is a customer-brand interaction model to understand the sensual interaction of consumers and products and its impact on purchase decisions. On that basis Bodhi Tree can provide solutions to marketers on how to influence shoppers in their decision-making processes.  It is applied in the POP Engagement Study™


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  3. Shopper Engagement Wheel™ – This model goes one step further and integrates the findings of Model 1 & 2 into a navigation wheel for an effective In-store Communication Mix based on the 5 store zones and the holistic engagement of the 5 senses. Our Retail Communication Company OmniSpace uses this approach.
  4. Lighthouse Model™ – The Lighthouse™ has been developed by 
    Mr. Tan Siew Bee and has been tested successfully in the Asian market 
    since 1990.

    It is a unique Marketing Navigation System with a complex structure using multivariate statistical tools, mathematical concepts, and geometry to produce marketing information that is used for Company Portfolio Management, Brand Management and Category Management.

    Bodhi Tree uses the Lighthouse™ System to generate the core knowledge and information that supports its services.

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  6. Shopper Marketing™ – Background: Shopper Marketing Model is Bodhi Tree’s strategic intellectual conceptualized from actual retail environment perspectives concerning and factor-in each starts from in define, categorize and matching needs and challenge of key retail foundations; retailer, manufacturer and shopper, to finally create win-win-win strategy in Shopper Marketing.
    Answering Marketer’s Challenge:
    • Understanding of shopper based differentiation
    • Planning for each of the shopper-based differentiation or segment
    • Building equity for the retailer and the brand

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