Brand Management

The Brand Management Services are offered in a consulting-led approach with a study driven by the Lighthouse Model™ at the core of the services.

The Lighthouse™ supports clients in the understanding of brand performance with respect to positioning strength and the identification of competitive advantage at company and brand level.

It provides comprehensive answers to:

  • Market Structure: How do consumers view the category, segments and brands? Is the category over or under-marketed? Where are the opportunities for growth?
  • Market Share: How can you improve your brand share? How likely are you to succeed? And at what costs?
  • Substitution: Who are your real competitors? Which competitive brands should you respond to? How should you respond?
  • Optimization: Are you under- or over-priced? What is your brand’s optimal price point? How should you price your brand versus competitors’ response?

The Lighthouse™ takes the data of key marketing variables from different market research databases, organizes them into an input-output model (“The Lighthouse™ Market Share Model”), analyses the data using multivariate statistical tools, mathematical concepts, and geometry to produce marketing information.

The marketing information is structured into results for category structure, company strategy, brand competitiveness and sensibility. By doing so, value is added to the existing data and most of the questions relating to marketing issues can be readily answered by the information outputs from the analysis.

Brand Positioning and Development

It is a strategic marketing planning service for new and existing brands that supports decision-makers in finding answers to key brand positioning and development questions:

  • What consumer needs can and does your brand actually serve?
  • What unique position should your brand occupy in the competitive landscape?
  • What is the size of the opportunity if you introduce your (new) brand in the market?
  • What is the likely rate of success for your brand in the market place?
  • What brand entry strategy should your company adopt?
  • How should the brand’s positioning be best expressed to consumers?
  • How can you grow your brand’s perceived value without sacrificing profitability?

Brand Mix Optimization™ Study

The Brand Mix Optimization™ Study measures your above-the-line brand activities’ performance and the activities’ contribution to brand share.

Brand performance indicators like Brand Image Quality, Advertising Spend, Brand Awareness, Brand Distribution etc. are measured and analyzed, taking the competition into consideration. With the simulation capabilities of the Lighthouse™ and our marketing consulting expertise, we enable marketers to streamline their above-the-line activities for an increased Return on Investment (ROI).

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