Our Profile

Bodhi Tree’s business is a combination of ResearchData Analytics andMarketing Consulting for marketers operating in Retail, Manufacturing and Service industries ranging from Financial Services, Telecommunications, Educational Institutions, and Hospitality & Entertainment to Hospitals and Car Dealers.We partner your organisation by providing Consumer Insights in the areas where your Brand interfaces with Customers. Brands for us can mean a company brand, a product brand and even the people who represent the brand in interaction with customers, which we call brand ambassadors.

As Knowledge Merchant, we offer clients:

» A long term marketing partnership
» With internationally recognized knowledge application models that generate
substantive insights
» Which form the basis for effective marketing strategies and its implementation
» To provide clients with competitive advantages that lead to growth & profitability

Our success depends on the co-creation, application, implementation, distribution, measurement, enrichment and new creation of knowledge in a continuous cycle in partnership with our clients.