Welcome to Bodhi Tree knowledge Co., Ltd.

BODHI TREE is a Knowledge Merchant that focuses on the co-creation, implementation, measurement, growth and cultivation of knowledge in partnership with clients and business partners to achieve market excellence through enhanced decision-making.

Our capital is our Knowledge Bank that has been built up over time through research and continuous practical application with multi-business diversity of our clients, partners and resources through the Indo-China and Asean Economics Community (AEC) region. The proprietary Models and Tools we are using and our Services are a growing testimony.

Knowledge is about beliefs and commitment, about action, and about meaning.
Therefore it can never happen in isolation, but in a long-term partnership with our Clients and Partners.

We're currently operates from Bangkok, Thailand with our experience covering multi-dimension of end-to-end business features in Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and other AEC countries.